Collection: Vagabond Shoemakers

In 1973, contemporary footwear brand, Vagabond was founded in Sweden, a brand dedicated to true craftmanship and an everlasting passion for great-looking shoes, Vagabond shoes are designed for the fashion and quality-driven consumer.

The brand takes its inspiration from the cultural sphere, but first and foremost from all the interesting people crossing their path. Each collection centres on the concept of everyday style, with durable quality and refined detailing at the heart of their design process.

Their sustainability mission is to drive a movement toward conscious consumption; by creating shoes and accessories with long-lasting style and quality, Vagabond hope you will love and wear them even longer.

“We are shoemakers at heart and soul. We want to make great looking shoes for people in all corners of the world. And we believe that great design does not have to cost a fortune.” 

- Marie Nilsson Peterzén, Co-founder