What To Wear: At The Races

What To Wear: At The Races

Every day is Ladies' Day at ClobR, but the term takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to heading to the racecourse! And with the Goodwood season under-way, we thought we'd share our top tips on what to wear 'At the Races'!

There are always a few key things you need to remember when choosing an outfit for an event in the racing calendar.

The Time of Year and the Weather

Factoring in the seasonal weather of the racecourse you are attending is crucial; a summer outfit at Goodwoood in the summer will be very different from the kind of thing you'd wear to the November meet at Cheltenham!

Make sure to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly! It's all very well being in a light and floaty dress, but if it's going to pour with rain, you'll find yourself wishing you'd opted for an elegant coat!

Similarly, be mindful of the time of the day - is it an event that lasts into the evening; will you need a jacket? Are you going to be stood in the midday sun; do you need a wide-brimmed hat to shade your face? 

Which Enclosure You're In

It's also important to research the enclosure you will be in; being on the rails track-side is different from being seated in a balcony overlooking the parade ground: not only will there be different weather elements to consider; but most racecourses also have different dress codes for different areas. You'll find all the details you need on the racecourse's website.

The Event

Certain race days and events will have specific themes or dress codes so, again, make sure you know what you are, and what you're not, allowed to wear! When it doubt - err on the side of being overdressed, rather than underdressed!

Image: Goodwood Estate

Image: Goodwood 


Well, that's the boring bit over with, let's crack on with the fun stuff: styling your outfit for your day At the Races!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You're going to be on your feet for the majority of the day, so it's not the time to try out those killer stilettos that pinch your toes: you want to opt for something simple, comfortable and stylish. 

Depending on the racecourse, you may spend part of your day on the grass so, if you want to wear a heel, choose a block heel as opposed to a thinner heel, to avoid sinking into the turf. 


Use Your Head

Whilst you may, or may not, be a 'hat person', a day at the races is a perfect opportunity to accessorise your outfit with some head gear! Think outside the (hat) box and experiment with fascinators or statement headbands, or if you are Team Hat, make sure you try several different styles to find the look that suits you best.


And finally - Recycle Your Outfit

Don't think that once your day on the course is over you have to pack away your outfit; get some serious wear out of it and re-style it for those garden parties, weddings and birthday dos; dress it down with trainers and a denim jacket for an easy and elegant daytime summer look; wear it to dinner on holiday! Life is too short for beautiful clothes to sit unworn in your wardrobe!


Our Top 3 Race Week Styles - Spring/Summer 2024

Monochromatic Styling

Keeping it simple and choosing a monochromatic colour palette can be a really easy way to pull together an outfit.

The favourite of Catherine, Princess of Wales, monochromatic styling will never go out of fashion and always looks elegant. 

Bear in mind that if you're attending a racing event in hot weather you won't want to wear all-black, as it's a heat-retaining colour - and are best peppering your look sparingly with the colour instead.


Colour Pop Accessorising

Colour 'pop' dressing is a modern and on-trend way to style an outfit, by pairing a pop of colour with a neutral base.

Shown here, Zara Tindall and Jodie Kidd, both using a vibrant colour in their headpieces, keep their understated outfits looking fresh and up-to-date with vibrant accessories.


Jumpsuit Chic


Time was, that ladies were expected to wear a dress to the races, in fact, only in recent years have the dress codes of many of the major racecourses been adjusted to allow women to wear trousers or suits. And, while we love the lack of obligation to wear a dress, and we are all about a great-fitting tailored pant suit, for track-side styling: we love the best-of-both-worlds feel of a jumpsuit. 

Helen Skelton (shown above in pink) caused a stir at Royal Ascot in 2022 when she wore a strapless jumpsuit, going against the rules of the Royal Enclosure dress code, so we'd team a strappy jumpsuit with a bolero just to be on the safe side!


Are you off to the races this season?

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