Mos Mosh comes to ClobR

Mos Mosh comes to ClobR

In 2010, the fashion world didn't know what was coming to it: a now world-famous Scandi fashion brand was born, humbly, as a handful of sketches laid out on one man's kitchen counter, in his Denmark home. 
Mos Mosh had simple beginnings; founder, Kim Hyldahl had literally 7 sketches of jeans to start things off with, but - step-by-step, Kim's vision for a brand that focused on well-fitted, high quality clothing designed with a twist in mind came to life. 

Kim Hydahl founder of scandi fashion brand, Mos Mosh

Now, fashion-conscious women worldwide have embraced the look and the fit of Mos Mosh jeans, and the brand has established itself as a leading light on the fashion scene of today; making a name for itself as the home of luxury jeans and now, an extensive womenswear range. 

Mos Mosh jeans were the starting point for the brand. 

And so, I am incredibly excited to announce that ClobR will now be stocking this gorgeous Scandi fashion brand: in-store and online. As a small business owner, I'm very happy about this, but more importantly, as a long-time fan of the brand, and a customer myself, I'm besides myself with excitement!

Mos Mosh is a real mark of quality; the fabrics are super soft, the garments are impeccably well-made; the styles are both on-trend and still classic and timeless. I adore Mos Mosh and I've so pleased ClobR is partnering with this brilliant brand, because I know YOU will love it too!

Just check out a few of my favourite Mos Mosh pieces:

Mos Mosh at CloBr

AND - as if this news isn't exciting enough by itself; I've got even more good news to shout about!

To celebrate the launch of our new Mos Mosh range; I'm going to be giving a FREE Mos Mosh tote bag with every in-store purchase of a product from our Mos Mosh collection! 

FREE tote bag with every Mos Mosh purchase

Now, these aren't just any old bags (imagine the voiceover of a well-known premium supermarket's advertising campaign, if you will) you can only get your mitts on one of these as a 'thank you' from me to you; you can't buy them; they're an adorable gift for our VIP Mos Mosh customers, which - we hope - you will soon be!

We've only got a few of these cute bags (perfect for all your Spring/Summer adventures!) so be quick because: when they're gone, they're gone!

So, if you're as excited as we are about this news, why not head over to our website to swot up on what we've got in, before popping over to see us in-store!



Mos Mosh womenswear

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